Jul 112011
"Self Cleaning Hot Tubs" - Fact or Fiction

The “Ideal Hot Tub” When people consider adding a hot tub or spa to their home, their primary focus is usually the associated health benefits, its size and its unique features. Most people would like to avoid using words like maintenance, cleaning, checking, adding and changing. Everyone wishes that you could just fill up the hot tub once, turn it on and forget it for the next 20 years! Now that would […]

Sep 242010
New Research: Hot Tubs Reduce Hypertension

Hot Tub Therapy Results in Lasting Reduced Hypertension Recent NASMI studies show that warm water immersion like that offered by hot tub  therapy significantly decreases both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In these studies a reduction in blood pressure also occurred during immersion in cold and neutral temperatures to a degree. However, diastolic blood pressure was reduced […]

Sep 172010

Minimize Pool Chemicals to Reduce Cancer Risk Recently reported research finds a link between pool chemicals like chlorine and pre-cancerous changes in human subjects.  The researchers argue that the positive benefits of swimming can be retained by reducing the health risks of pool water. EnviroSmarte offers alternative solutions to chlorine for your hot tub, pool […]

Sep 152010
History of Hot Tubs

The History of the Hot Tub down through the ages Phraortes relaxed in a hot tub. Do you? Never has history been this relaxing! This informative time line takes you through the history of the hot tub in a fun and informative way. Pay attention, there will be a test!

Sep 142010
Hot Tub Cost vs. Other Therapies

Save Your Money And Buy A Hot Tub Many people think that buying a hot tub costs too much. We believe you can’t afford not to have a hot tub. Here are statistics showing that owning a hot tub for a 5 year span will cost owners less than other wellness and relaxing activities.