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"Self Cleaning Hot Tubs" - Fact or Fiction

The "Ideal Hot Tub" When people consider adding a hot tub or spa to their home, their primary focus is usually the associated health benefits, its size and its unique features. Most people would like to avoid using words like maintenance, cleaning, checking, adding and changing. Everyone wishes that you could just fill up the hot tub once, turn it on and forget it for the next 20 years! Now that would […]

Step by Step Guide on Installing a Hot Tub

How To Install A Hot Tub For all you list oriented people, here is a “How To Install A Hot Tub” graphic to help you with your next hot tub installation!

New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Nervous System and Physical Health - Part 2

New Research on Hot Tub Therapy Uncovers What the “Ahhh” is All About Research by leading physicians and scientists shows that the body and mind undergo significant changes while soaking in warm water and that these changes can be greatly beneficial to health and wellness. For thousands of years it has been understood that soaking […]

New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Cardiovascular System Health

Benefits of Water Immersion Therapy to the Cardiovascular System Scientific findings by the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute and others show that immersion to the neck, as is experienced in a hot tub, causes a shift in blood volume, moving it from the body’s extremities to the chest area. This shift increases the amount […]

New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Joint and Muscle Health

Benefits of Hot Water to the Muscles and Joints A NASMI study and other scientific research suggest that hot water therapy, 98-102°F, helps to increase blood circulation within the muscles. This is likely one of the reasons that soaking in a hot tub or warm bath often relieves muscle and joint soreness. Researchers, including Dr. Becker of […]

New Research: Hot Tubs Reduce Hypertension

Hot Tub Therapy Results in Lasting Reduced Hypertension Recent NASMI studies show that warm water immersion like that offered by hot tub therapy significantly decreases both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In these studies a reduction in blood pressure also occurred during immersion in cold and neutral temperatures to a degree. However, diastolic blood pressure was reduced […]

New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Brain and Kidney Health

Additional Health Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy Referring to past study results, researchers at NASMI suggest that hot tub therapy, with immersion up to the shoulders or neck, increases blood circulation to the brain. They believe that this effect of increased blood flow to the brain could result in increased cognitive function. In other words, you may just […]

New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Overall Health and Wellness

Hot Tubs Improve Health, What Does This Mean for Me? Recent studies by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute and others offer a look at the enormous potential for improving health and wellness through aquatic therapy, especially warm water immersion such as hot tub therapy. For some time there has been evidence that suggested that […]

Latest Research Links Chlorine and Cancer Risk

Minimize Pool Chemicals to Reduce Cancer Risk Recently reported research finds a link between pool chemicals like chlorine and pre-cancerous changes in human subjects. The researchers argue that the positive benefits of swimming can be retained by reducing the health risks of pool water. EnviroSmarte offers alternative solutions to chlorine for your hot tub, pool […]

Public Hot Tubs vs. Personal Hot Tub

Why would you want to use Public Hot Tubs when you can easily have your own Personal Hot Tub? That creepy dude with the mustache and tight shorts, the pack of sweaty teenagers, kids with loaded diapers, yes they all use public hot tubs! Doesn’t that make you itch just by thinking about it? It […]