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Spa Water Maintenance

Spa Water Maintenance

Your Resource For A Squeaky Clean Spa

Easily Maintain Your Spa or SwimSpa

EnviroSmarte can help with all your spa or swimspa’s water maintenance needs. We support and carry supplies for the most basic water sanitation all the way to chemical free water sanitation systems. Contact EnviroSmarte for help in determining which system is best for you.

Chlorine or Bromine

The standard in hot tub water maintenance. This guide will help you with chlorine, tablet bromine and liquid bromine sanitation programs.

Spa Frog

Spa Frog is a low bromine and silver OR a silver only system. Here are the guides to help with either of them.

Spa Marvel

Spa Marvel is a unique enzyme based system that turns your water into a natural body of water. Use it alone or with a little chlorine or bromine. Learn More Here. Here is your guide to use.


The ECOsmarte system is the ultimate in non-chemical, no-chlorine, no-salt solution for water sanitation your spa or swimspa. You can have the basic system or you can add the carbon dioxide pH control. Learn More Here. Here are the guides for the basic ECOsmarte System and the CO2 pH Control.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

Bullfrog Spas from EnviroSmarte are equipped with the most effective water care systems available. These systems are designed to maintain your spa water in optimal condition. However, without proper care water purity can begin to deteriorate. There are two basic indicators that your spa water needs help – the way the water looks or the way the water smells.

Water Looks Dirty: If your spa water begins to look dirty, cloudy, or off-color in some way this is usually an indication that your filtration system is not functioning correctly. This can happen when foreign substances like dirt, leaves, suntan lotions, laundry detergent from swim suits, oils, or other substances clog filter membranes. If your water reaches a point where it is visibly dirty it’s best to drain, clean, and refill the spa. Be sure to thoroughly clean your filters following the approved procedures and re-insert them. Regularly clean and maintain your filters and replace them at recommended intervals.

Water Has an Odor: Depending on the sanitation method you choose, spa water can have a slight odor that comes from the chemicals used to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants. However, if your spa water begins to smell strongly this is usually an indication that the water is out of balance or is no longer functioning. If your spa water reaches a point where it smells bad, instead of adding more sanitizer, you should drain your spa, clean it, and refill it with clean water and the appropriate sanitizer. Check and balance your water regularly.