The “Ideal Hot Tub”

When people consider adding a hot tub or spa to their home, their primary focus is usually the associated health benefits, its size and its unique features. Most people would like to avoid using words like maintenance, cleaning, checking, adding and changing. Everyone wishes that you could just fill up the hot tub once, turn it on and forget it for the next 20 years! Now that would be the IDEAL Hot Tub. Unfortunately, just as the perpetual motion machine hasn’t been invented yet, the Ideal Hot Tub is still just an ultimate goal.

What is a “Self Cleaning Hot Tub”

Maybe you’ve heard someone say it, or maybe you saw it in an ad, but one of the latest features touted for a hot tub is that it is a “Self Cleaning Hot Tub”. Now as you consider this, you may think … “Wow, I’ll never have to clean or do anything to my hot tub”.  Let’s consider what must done to properly maintain your hot tub:

  • All hot tubs and spas obviously have water. To keep the water safe you must use a sanitizer system (something to kill all the critters). EnviroSmarte offers several Spa Water Systems from which to choose ranging from basic chemical systems to chemical-free systems. Regardless of the sanitizer system chosen, periodic water checks, adjustments and additions must be made to the water.
  • All hot tubs and spas use filters so these must be periodically cleaned or changed.
  • All hot tubs and spas must have the water changed and the spa shell surface cleaned periodically (every 3 -6 months).
  • The “Self Cleaning Hot Tub” is obviously impossible and is just a sales gimmick.

“Self Cleaning Hot Tub” Further Explored

If you dig deeper into some of the claims, the amount of filtration seems to determine a “Self Cleaning Hot Tub”. According to these claims, all water  being filtered every 15 minutes (the turnover rate) supposedly means that it is a “Self Cleaning Hot Tub” . Again, let’s look at the facts:

  • All hot tubs and spas have some type of filtration system incorporated into the design. There are only two types of filtration systems. The first uses the main jet pump (usually on low speed) to circulate the water through the filter. The second uses a separate dedicated circulation pump to pump the water through the filter. Each has advantages and disadvantages as to quietness of operation, energy efficiency and initial cost.
  • Hot tubs promoted as a “Self Cleaning Hot Tub” always use a dedicated circulation pump.
  • A “Self Cleaning Hot Tub” means The Best Turnover Rate available with a dedicated circulation pump.

Finding the Best “Self Cleaning Hot Tub”

Now that it’s established that the “Self Cleaning Hot Tub” doesn’t really exist, you may decide that the best “Self Cleaning Hot Tub” is the one that has the lowest turnover rate. So who has the best hot tub that gets closest to the “Ideal Spa” and the nirvana that is the “Self Cleaning Hot Tub”? Many hot tubs offer, either standard or as an option, circulation pumps. Most of these are small pumps that move very little water and offer turnover rates of an hour or more. There are some hot tubs though that do offer something better. The best can be found in a Bullfrog Spa from EnviroSmarte. With a Bullfrog Spa equipped with a  Wellspring Filtration Pump all of the water in your hot tub will be filtered in as little as 9 minutes.

Filtering All the Water Every 9 Minutes

Processing an astonishing 35 gallons per minute through dual filters, the optional Bullfrog Spa WellSpring Filtration Pump provides ultra quiet operation with significantly fewer operating hours required. While most quiet-operating filtration pumps, such as 24-hour circulation pumps, filter the entire volume of spa water (spa turnover rate) around 20 times per 24-hour period (every 72 minutes), the WellSpring Filtration Pump is capable of a spa turnover rate in excess of 160 times in 24 hours (every 9 minutes). Energy costs for filtration are measured in kilowatts (kw). The Bullfrog Spa Wellspring Filtration pump yields 6,060 gallons per kw, whereas circulation pumps on most other spas only yield 3,480 gallons per kw. This represents an average of 60% savings in filtration energy costs per month.

The Myth is Busted

So really the “Ideal Hot Tub” isn’t here yet and a “Self Cleaning Hot Tub” is just a fantasy. But what you can get now is a hot tub with customized therapy, the best cleaning technology, chemical-free water, low maintenance requirements and Made in the USA quality from a Bullfrog Spa from EnviroSmarte. Visit us today!

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