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New Research: Hot Tubs Improve Overall Health and Wellness

By , September 24, 2010

Hot Tubs Improve Health, What Does This Mean for Me?

Recent studies by the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute and others offer a look at the enormous potential for improving health and wellness through aquatic therapy, especially warm water immersion such as hot tub therapy. For some time there has been evidence that suggested that it was good to soak in warm water. Now science is actually proving that warm water immersion improves the function of our autonomic nervous system leading to decreased stress and a greater sense of balance and overall wellness. Water also has a significant beneficial effect on our heart and circulation. It improves blood flow to the muscles which reduces pain and speeds healing. Warm water relieves symptoms of diabetes, lowers blood pressure, and may even make you smarter by increasing brain circulation and function.

They’re finally getting to the bottom of why warm water makes us feel so good. Ongoing studies in aquatic therapy will certainly uncover more valuable information about the health benefits of warm water. For now it would appear that if you are not spending some time relaxing in a hot tub that you are probably missing out on your chance for better health.