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Let Frank Baglivio Speak For Us!

This will be a bit long, but its necessary for understanding.I have a Bull Frog spa. I moved about a year ago and the spa didn't work after being set up at our new home. I purchased the spa in Florida and moved to New Jersey. I contacted a local Bull Frog authorized dealer for service. Let's just say they charged me a lot and did nothing and leave it at that. The spa sat for almost a year as we settled in. I recently searched on line for a highly rated authorized dealer and found Enviro Smarte In Charlottesville Va.I called a week ago and spoke to Richard, the owner. I explained my problem and he helped me narrow down the issue and I ordered a new PC board. The board arrived promptly and i installed it myself. Spa now worked partially and I couldn't figure out what was wrong after many hours of trying. I called Enviro Smarte again and got a young man named Bobby on the phone. Well the stars were all aligned for me because I have never had such a helpful and knowledgeable experience with a technician in my 75 years on this earth!! Bobby spent an hour on the phone with me going over every aspect of MY installation and found the problem. The spa now works as it should. To say Bobby was extremely patient and knowledgeable doesn't do him justice. I f there were a higher rating than five stars I would gladly give it. Now here is the cherry on top. There was NO CHARGE for all his time. Who does that anymore? They now have another loyal customer. Thank You Bobby.

Frank Baglivio